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October 3, 2007


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This is it guys.
In 10 minutes, I'm leaving for Sofia.
My things are packed, my dad's laptop is with me, so hopefully in the inactive time won't be that much at all.
First month I'll be living in friends, then in the end of October I'm going in my own apartment. University is starting on 1st of October.
Cool thing is that I've received a job offer yesterday, but I suppose I'd have to decline it, since the working time is on the same time as my university classes at 2 of week days..but still If I find a way to make things go together, I'd be working somewhere. Will keep you updated.
All the best!

*UPDATE : I'm at uni campus atm. The atmosphere in my group is great.The first day was amazing..And I already have some  great chick as a friend, so we can hook up some things hehe..The Director of the Program is purely amazing person. My expections are really met.
Thank you for all kind comments and everything and excuse me, my lack of response.

M. :heart:
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great to know you're doing well man :)!

keep enjoying yourself :)
pics of the chick !
PV07 Oct 3, 2007   Interface Designer
feelin the same at the time, everyones sharin your thoughts, finally can discuss with ppl. about art in real life :D not at uni tho, 3 years to go for that.
Sick-Osiris Oct 3, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
glad you are enjoying it nikolay! I am loving art college. Everyone is so chill out and mellow which is completely different to school!
great man.
Its so cool we both feel great..
Im having some days off now, and tmrow Ill be leaving for my home town to get some other stuff Ill need... :)
The library of the uni is great - full of magazines : NOVUM, CA etc...
show us the chick :D
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